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Meet our Team!

All passionate with culture, art, cinema and current events, our team created Ad’Muse in 2017.

Watch the video below to meet us!


Auriane Rozan : Digital designer manager

I am the team leader. My main role is to manage the website. I am a ginger girl and 19 years old. I’m a curious girl, I always want to find answers about my questions.


Alexandra Paymal : Sales Manager
I am working in AD’MUSE as a sales manager.
My role in the agency, in addition to developing a client portfolio, is to animate, organize and manage the commercial activity.


Victoire Teixeira : Artistic Director

I am 19 years old. Within the Ad’muse advertising agency, I hold the post of artistic director. Indeed, my main mission is thinking about the design of advertising campaign. I have the qualities necessary to achieve my mission. First of all I have a good knowledge of Adobe suite software. I am also a creative, curious and dynamic person. These qualities are necessary to be a good artistic director. Before being artistic director in this agency, I studied communication at a specialized school. This school and my internships have allowed me to become a good artistic director. Actually, I was able to create posters for a sports association. Finally, I have different experiences that allow me to practice this profession.


Albane Chevannier : Advertising Manager

I am 19 years old. My role within the agency is to organize and to coordinate the marketing strategy, the creation of the media, the production of the advertising campaigns which will be confided to me. I have a good knowledge of the marketing, the media and the production.


Ilana Bouneau : Media Planner

I am 19 years old. Driven and curious, Ilana loves and understands the media. She deals with budget and clients, and always elaborates the best media strategy.


Eloïse Gardin : Designer Editor

I am 19 years old and I am the designer editor of the agency. My job is to manage the writing part of the advertising campaigns. Strong in writing and creative, I love playing with words and knowing that people are going to read it and hopefully are going to like it!


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