The incredibles – a movie which creates a phenomenon

The Incredibles a story that federates

The Incredibles is a film directed by Brad Bird, co-produced by Walt Disney Pictures. It was released in 2004. A cartoon both futuristic and ordinary that arouses the enthusiasm of the viewer.

The movie talk about a superhero « indestructible gentleman » and his family super formidable power. Following repeated incidents, superheroes have the obligation to retire. One day, indestructible Mister receives a mysterious message. He is summoned for a secret mission. However, it is a trap. His family will have to help him.

The film attracted more than 5.6 million viewers and is now one of the most popular films in the animation studio.

A new movie

14 years later, the famous animated film returns to our screens. A new enemy is going to give them the lead. In addition, the super powers of the new baby is a new source of trouble for the family.

The animated film touches a young target. However, on this second film, on observe a new target. The young people of 2004 are the target of this 2018 film.

But it is thanks to them that the Incredibles build a reputation. Indeed, it is nearly 10 years since the spectators attend this moment. On social media, a community has created and created an interaction between the brand and its consumer. This is a real opportunity for the brand that has benefited from free communication and that is the old word of mouth.

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Finally, the film will have the right to an old and new public.

Moreover, Brad Bird uses communication techniques to create a teasing. He creating posters that shows clue. The goal is to generate public interest.

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Finally, the movie’s release is promising. Maybe there will be a follow-up…


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