Saype illuminates the 30th anniversary of the Eurockéennes

On the occasion of Eurockéennes, Saype, a French artist of Land Art painted a monumental ephemeral mural of 6,000 m2 on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the music festival Eurockéennes which begins Thursday.

At 29, Saype, aka Guillaume Legros, has gained international fame in the field of Land Art, a movement of contemporary art using the framework and materials of nature.

He first started to paint graffiti and became passionate about ecology, he launched in 2013 the concept of frescoes « out of formats », between Street art and Land art, made with biodegradable paint made from linseed oil, water, and flour, mixed with natural pigments of chalk and charcoal.

This mural named « Present by future » represents a little girl sitting in the grass, drawing a house, a sun and a tree, it was realized thanks to a paint gun. The white work, gray and black, has a lifespan of about three weeks depending on the regrowth of the grass, is visible from the sky or the ramparts of the Citadel of Belfort.

A contrast can be seen between the left side of the work representing a little girl sitting on the grass, drawing a house, a sun and a tree. And the right side of the fresco a universe that echoes the Eurocks poster with an accumulation of objects that can be found on the festival like the set formed by reeds, sombrero, clouds, smiley faces, backpacks, hearts or portraits of artists like Lana del Rey surrounding the inscription « Eurocks ».

We can observe an opposition between the accumulation of sometimes superficial objects that represent the society of consumption and, on the other, the simplicity and innocence of the little girl drawing her own imaginary universe.

Saype uses this girl’s image to « symbolize the future and the responsibility that we as adults have for children and that they too will have for their generation ».

It is a marvelous work that puts sustainable development forward and will make many festival goers dream.

Link to the explanatory video of the painting

Alexandra PAYMAL