The Louvre – A french museum with a new communication

Some numbers about The Louvre

The Louvre is a universal symbol of art that enjoys a very high profile as it is the most visited museum in the world. The louvre had in 2017 more than 8 million visitors. 14% increase in visitors compared to the previous year. The most represented visitors in 2017 come from the United States with an increase of 23% (1 million or 13% of visitors), China (626,000 visitors or 8%), Brazil (289,000 visitors or 3, 5%), the United Kingdom (280,000), Germany (259,000) and Spain (224,000). The highest increases are those of Russian visitors (+ 92% compared to 2016), Brazilian visitors (+ 82%) and Japanese visitors (+ 52%).

A new way of communication for the Louvre

The communication of the Louvre is divided between 4 services: press relations, visual communication and purchase of space, digital communication and finally internal communication. The louvre is very present on social networks (Facebook and Instagram) with 10 to 20% of the communication budget dedicated to social networks.
The museum has nearly 2 million followers on Facebook and is the sixth most geolicalized place in the world on Instagram.

YouTube did not follow as well as the first two social networks with only 5,000 subscribers. The museum has decided to set up three partnerships with 3 YouTube ambassadors: Axolot, Nota Bene and the filmmaker. This cross-collaboration fits in the codes of each YouTubeur and allowed to create the emulation of the 2 sides. At the end of each video, the YouTubeur encourages you to go to the second video. This creates a real synergy and overall coherence.
You should know that 50% of visitors to the Louvre are under 30 years old. YouTube’s audience is essentially 18-34 years old, making it a medium that matches the museum target. The aim was to address these young audiences, to make them want to return to the Louvre. But this operation had a radiation beyond the initial target, reaching a wider audience, with a large majority of 18-40 years and comments of all ages.

According to the deputy director of communication at the Louvre: « This operation is a public success. We have tripled our YouTube channel subscriber base from 5,000 to 15,000. We have also collected more than 1.1 million views on all videos. What we mostly remember is the satisfaction of users via positive comments.  »


Social Networks :

YouTube 30 704 followers

Facebook 2,4 m followers

Instagram 1,7 m followers