The iconic role of jewellery in the cinema

The Cannes Film Festival is back for its 71st edition this year with the highlighting of women. It’s the perfect opportunity to talk about the jewellery that adorns its fabulous actresses.

Jewellery: a true actor of the film

From Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s to Keira Knightley in Anna Karenina, to the unforgettable Kate Winslet in Titanic, these three women have one thing in common. They have all been sublimated, enhanced by an exceptional piece of jewellery dreamed in the dark rooms. The jewels in the cinema often have major roles. They play sometimes a unique and irreplaceable role by imposing themselves like a true actor of the film.

Great directors and great jewellers like to work together, it is a real love story that is created between jewellery and cinema. Indeed, the major jewellery houses are aware of the high notoriety and the impact in terms of communication and publicity. That can assure them the mere presence of an adornment in a film directed by a successful director.

This is why many large jewellery houses cross the frontier of reality and fiction to go on the big screen. Like Tiffany & Co who signed the Art Deco jewellery of the film The Great Gatsby, Cartier collaborated with Jean Cocteau in Beauty and the Beast.  Furthermore, Channel with Keira Knightley turned on the set of Anna Karenina and then from Kristen Stewart to Café Society. Swarovsky also often associates with the 7th art thanks to his perfect illusions of precious stones illustrated notably with the famous Heart of the Ocean. These are just a few examples that prove the intimate connection between the big names in jeweller’s craft and cinema to lend or design exceptional jewellery.

Jeweller’s craft for paring the greatest actresses

The cinema has a full status for fine jeweller’s craft. It embodies prestige and allows jewellery to be seen and admired by using movie stars as muses. They allow jewels to be highlighted, and to enhance the image of the brand. Jeweller’s craft can also bring a touch of prestige and glamour essential to all major jeweller’s craft houses. Stars like to show off with incredible adornments to shine during prestigious events like the red carpets or previews. The big jewellery houses are not ready to stop paring the greatest actresses on film sets or red carpets. The jewels will continue for a long time to keep us dreaming in a world of fabulous beauty and perfection.

What is the jewel that has marked you the most in the cinema?

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PAYMAL Alexandra

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