52 millions entries : « Intouchables », a global success

« Intouchables » : the second French success »

Released in 2011, « Intouchables » was a worldwide success. Éric Tolédano and Olivier Nakache’s film offers 90 minutes of laughter and cry.

Following a paragliding accident, Philippe, a wealthy aristocrat, becomes a quadriplegic and seeks help at home. During a job interview, Philippe meets Driss, a suburban youth who has just left prison. His humor and good humor prevail. While all separate them, a beautiful friendship will born.

This moving story touched nearly 52 millions people, a global phenomenon.



A touching moving

The success of « Intouchables » is explained first by the synopsis of the film. A human story between laugh and tears. Disability is a subject that is both sensitive and unifying. The culture shock between two opposite worlds is also a unifying theme. During the crisis moment, the public demands lightness and joy. Moreover, the fact that the story of « Intouchables » is a real story gives weight to this unlikely friendship.

An impacting strategy of communication

In addition, the popularity of the chosen actors plays a role in the promotion of the film. The actors were a major player in the promotion of the film. For a year, Omar Sy and François Cluzet have crisscrossed 40 French cities and then the whole world from Toronto to Tokyo. They were received in French embassies as promoters of French culture

From a communication point of view, word of mouth was the best promotion of the film. « Intouchables » is one of the only French films that has enjoyed a buzz on social networks. It includes 2.4 million followers on Facebook in France and 465,000 in the United States.

« Intouchables » won the César Award for Best Actor at Omar Sy. Finally, this movie is an indispensable of the French cinema.

Netflix is another strong success in strategy :

Victoire Teixeira

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