Solidays : the fight against AIDS festival

What is Solidays?

Solidays festival is a manifestation of the fight against AIDS organized by Solidarité Sida, which has been held every year since 1999, on the racecourse Paris Longchamp and which brings together more than 150 artists and up to more than 202 000 festival-goers for three days.

The event of the Hippodrome de Longchamp is above all a solidarity activist festival involving AIDS associations and volunteers ready to answer all questions about sexuality and pleasure.

The profits of the festival are donated to AIDS associations, prevention programs and emergency aid to the sick, some of which are specifically created for Africa, the continent with the largest number of patients. Artists who work at Solidays accept a reduced fee or volunteer for solidarity.



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The different editions

This festival has already experienced 18 editions and the 19th will take place from 22 to 24 June 2018. With each new edition, the festival bears a name that evokes a strong message on the theme of AIDS: Solidarity is Celebrated (1999); For a more youthful solidarity (2001); More noise against AIDS (2002); Des young people in anger (2003); Festival of hope (2004); The full of solidarity energy (2005); More noise against AIDS (2006); Festival of hope (2007); Between rock chic and electro shock (2008); Erogenous Zone of Solidarity (2009); In Vivo Festival (2010); Love Festival (2011), Embrace Your Desires (2012); Love We Trust (2013); The Fight Must Go On (2014); Keep on Dreaming (2015); Solidays of Love (2016); Still Standing (2017). This year’s theme will be « We are all heroes »


Solidays 2018

In addition, since 2002, the association « An idea in the air participates in Solidays by proposing the activity of bungee jumping. The association, which has been using bungee jumping since 1993 as a means of action to fight AIDS in neighborhoods. It took several years to obtain the necessary authorizations to organize a jump in this festival.

Albane Chevannier

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