The City of Fashion and Design : trendy place

Where is it ?

Evident proof that Paris is the realm of fashion and good taste : the City of Fashion and Design proudly sits on the quay of Austerlitz and hypnotizes us by its grand electric staircase, the snake-like looks far away, beyond the Seine. The City of Fashion and Design is a group of cultural programs. We find the Galliera museum outside the walls, workshops , the Wanderlust as well as snacking areas and a roof top quite pleasant on sunny days.


Exterior of the city of fashion and design

Housed in a former industrial warehouse of the Port of Paris built in 1907, it has been completely renovated and redesigned by the agency Jakob + Macfarlane. Dedicated to meetings between brands, designers, creative industries, craftspeople and public, it extends the public walks of the Seine and presents itself as an open space, concentrated of creation and inspiration in Paris.

The present events

All year events are present : in the spring, fashion photography ,for the summer, a theme exhibition, participative and interactive , winter discovering a country through its culture and throughout the year, plant facilities flourish in the City, integrated or not to the exhibitions presented.

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