Once upon a time the circus Arlette Gruss

Before the fame

Nowadays, when we talk about circus, we can not help but evoke the emblematic circus Arlette Gruss. It all began in 1985 with the first tour of the circus in Ireland. The latter is then temporarily renamed « Cirque de France » for the occasion but the public is not at the appointment.

Arlette Gruss marquee

Arlette Gruss marquee

In 1988, returning to France, Cirque Arlette Gruss began to enjoy a certain success with notably panthers and clowns.

It is a year later that the circus settles in Paris and builds its new marquee and it is in 1982 that it receives the National Grand Prix of the Circus. Also, it is the same year that is organized the gala of the Press under its marquee.

The animals, main characters of the circus

As a result, new mumbers and new artists, such as a number of lions and lionesses, are introduced each year. A giraffe makes her entrance in the circus, elephants and horses too. The spectators are won and the circus becomes famous. The creator of the circus, Arlette Gruss even receives the Legion of Honor in 1997 before dying nine years later in 2006. Despite this, all the members continue to make the circus live to honor the creator. Some shows are even broadcasted on television.

Arlette Gruss - Elephants

The elephants show

What about the following ?

Nowadays, it is considered like on of the the most prestigious circuses in Europe. This good reputation is due to its unique shows composed of acrobats, tigers, elephants, horses, magicians and clowns. Also, its advertising posters are always uniques and originals.

In addition of those posters, the circus communicate a lot threw the social networks. You can find all its actuality on its Facebook page for exemple and you can also find some videos of the show on its Youtube channel. Moreover, on the website of the circus you can find some derived products like posters and DVDs of the shows.

The website of the circus :