Gibert Jeune – The identity of this bookstore

The beginning of Gibert Jeune

Since its creation in 1888 by Professor Gibert, Gibert Jeune is a recognized company in the purchase and sale of new and used books. It is a family business that aims to sell books that will be handed down from generation to generation. This bookstore has the largest number of books available in the bookstore itself in France. The brand first settled on the right bank at Saint Michel and then on the left bank.

Gilbert jeune gained notoriety by adapting to his time. Indeed, it was very successful thanks to the sale of used textbooks at the same time as the law on free education. Nevertheless, it still keeps the same signature both modern and traditional. The logo is simple with just the name of the entity and the face of the founder. The yellow color shows the warm side of the bookstore, the fact that this bookstore represents a family entity.

Communication of the bookstore

Capture d’écran 2017-09-15 à 11.53.49

website of Gibert Jeune’s bookstore

In 2009, it launched a platform for online sales of e-books and then offered an online sales service. Subsequently, he creates a website that allows online booking and online estimation. Young Gibert is present on social networks like Facebook :  and
Twitter. This allows him to show his innovations and to have a permanent exchange with his netizens in order to retain them at best.

bookstore-campaign-gibert jeune-

advertising campaign for services offered by Gibert Jeune

The company does a communication mainly on the internet but also offers a print communication with advertising posters mainly betting on its premises or distributed flyers.

Then in 2017, the young loyalty card Gibert is launched. This loyalty card makes customers want to come back and therefore not to go to another bookstore. In order to increase customer loyalty, the bookshop also has customer service.

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Loyalty card of Gibert Jeune

Finally, since 2017 the two great rivals Gibert Jeune and Gibert Joseph have initiated a procedure of rapprochement. The goal is to create a bigger and more powerful entity. Indeed, with the arrival of digital bookstores they have lost a lot of customers: a crisis in the book market.



a woman who watches the website of Gibert Jeune