Folio – The identity of this pocket collection

Visual identity of the brand

Folio is a pocket collection of Gallimard editions. The brand, created since 1972, is very innovative because she’s the inventor of the 10 * 18cm format. First of all, Folio published 4700 titles and published 1330 authors. Folio sold 289 million copies, including 7,280,000 for “The foreigner” of Albert Camus. The collection also decides to picks a simple side and homogeneous : most of all white background . This logotype of the brand is a simple writing of the name of the brand in black in recall with the name of the author and the book title of Gallimard.

The graphic chart changed from 1972. Colors has take part of the covers, the logotype of the collection and the title of the works are in Garamond black and the names of the authors in colors, bold and font Univers.

Folio essais

logo for folio essais

This pocket collection presents several models with a strong identity. For example, Folio policier keeps the same font: Univers or Folio essays which also keeps the same font in bold but with red. The brand brings together a large number of collections (folio documents, folio theater, bilingual folio …).

Main communication of Folio

A woman with a book

folio advertising that shows that one of their book takes you away

This brand being attached to the edition Gallimard can be sold directly on the site Gallimard. This entity also has a personal site where you can see the different books, the favourites and we can even leaf through them. However the brand is present on social networks like Facebook where he promotes his books.

Books effect

folio advertisement that shows the launch of a book

The collection of Gallimard editions is very present on the print side. She performs advertising campaigns for her books. In general she puts the book in the top left with beside the book’s summary. The background is a representative image of the history of the work. Generally there are pastel colors. The poster is presented as a book cover, that is a white banner with a black writing and then an image or a photograph. This brand also makes advertising campaigns for its brand in general. The goal of his campaigns is to show that the brand takes you into another universe.

The expression of another universe is also present in its slogan « You will go far ». This slogan shows that once immersed in a Folio book, you leave in another country, world, universe.

The brand to retain its customers sets up Christmas box with the largest works in boxes.

Folio is therefore trying to distinguish itself from the market through numerous innovations (4109 per year), with innovations, print and digital communication. Its main competitor is book Hachette.

Lost in a book

a woman lost in another universe thanks to a book of Folio